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Seasonal Pet Health Tip

Annually in South Florida bufo toads are one of the greatest threats to our pets. We have seen numerous bufo toad toxicities and believe that the best way to prevent them is through awareness. The toxin of a bufo toad is released when the toad feels threatened, and for those of us who have dogs, we know that our dogs are most likely to catch prey in their mouths. It’s an incredible defense for a toad, but can be deadly for the dog.

If your dog catches a bufo toad, it is essential that you rinse out its mouth immediately. While this will not eliminate the effects of the poisoning completely, it may minimize them. Symptoms of bufo toad poisoning may appear immediately and can include:

If your dog has been poisoned by a bufo toad, they need emergency treatment IMMEDIATELY. Please bring your pet to our hospital right away.