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"We had the opportunity to use your Cypress Creek facility in Feb. My yorkie had been chewed by a pit mix. Extensive external & internal injuries. The staff was compassionate, professional & courteous. Kept me posted on my babies progress throughout the night. Let me visit with him for a bit. Pleased to report that thanks to their care my pup is as frisky as ever except for some breathing issues that may be with him for the rest of his life. So much better now though. At the time his survival was questionable."


"We took our little one to the Tamarac office, Paige was on duty with the vet. They were great and took quick care of us. Our dog ate some raisins by accident. Thank you for being there."


"Dr. Kiser, Paige, and Stephanie went above and beyond to help us. They are amazing!"


"Dr. Kiser, Paige, and Stephanie are the best! Everything they did was above and beyond to give us the best care for our dog. They were friendly, patient, and caring during each visit. It really helped us get through the emergency with our beloved pet."